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Have you suffered dental trauma or tooth decay that resulted in tooth loss and need to restore your smile? Our team at Custom Periodontics is pleased to offer several tooth replacement options so that you can enjoy a smile that is healthy and beautiful even after tooth loss. Modern advancements in restorative and cosmetic dentistry have given patients the option to fill empty tooth spaces with natural-looking restoration such as dental implants, one of the very popular services for missing teeth. The following review of the process for dental implant placement can help you determine if this is the right path to address tooth loss.

Dental implants can replace the loss of one or several teeth for long-term dental restoration. We encourage you to take steps to improve tooth loss as soon as you can so that you don’t experience bone loss in the jawbone due to a lack of support from missing tooth roots. Placing a dental implant can restore the function of tooth root to keep your jawbone and your smile strong and healthy.

Typically, dental implant material is made of titanium because it is very biologically compatible and can allow the jawbone to fuse with the implant to ensure a strong and stable new tooth so that you can have a lifetime of use from the new tooth. The next step is to have a custom-made dental crown placed over the implant by our periodontist to complete the look of your restoration.

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