Dr. Shelby Nelson is thrilled to offer cosmetic periodontics in Fort Worth, Texas! At Custom Periodontics, we strive to enhance the appearance of your smile through exemplary periodontal care and procedures. If your gum line shows too much, too little, or is misaligned, our talented periodontist can improve the aesthetics of your gum line and give you your dream smile! Some of our cosmetic perio treatments include:

Healthy, symmetrical gums can make a significant difference in the overall appearance of your smile. Ideally, your smile should reveal very little gum, and visible tissue should look balanced and symmetric in contrast with your upper lip. This not always the case, however. Whether you want to cover exposed root surfaces or create a more even, symmetrical gum line, you can count on our talented periodontist to give you the beautiful, balanced smile of your dreams. Even better, gum recontouring can also help improve your periodontal health, giving you a smile that is as attractive as it is healthy.

Changing the shape of your gums can have an extraordinary impact on your smile as well as your self-esteem. If you want to boost your confidence and improve your smile, please contact our office at 817-738-2334 today!