Pocket reduction surgery refers to a series of several different surgeries all aimed at accessing the root of the teeth in order to remove bacteria and tartar caused by periodontal disease. These procedures are also referred to as gingivectomy, osseous surgery, and flap surgery. Custom Periodontics is pleased to offer pocket reduction surgery to help patients whose periodontal disease has not been alleviated through scaling and root planning.

Pocket reduction starts with flap surgery. The gum is separated from the tooth and later reattached in a new position. In many cases, osseous surgery is also performed, which involves reshaping and smoothing the bone. After the procedure is complete, the gum line will most likely be lower. This leaves more of the tooth exposed. If the root is exposed, continuing treatment with fluoride or another material may be required to reduce sensitivity.

Pocket reduction is incredibly effective at eliminating bacteria, minimizing inflammation, and saving teeth. For more information on pocket reduction in Fort Worth, Texas, please contact our office at 817-738-2334 to request an appointment with our knowledgeable periodontist, Dr. Shelby Nelson.