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Healthy gums are an important part of having strong teeth and a smile that is in good health. Keeping an oral hygiene routine that is consistent and focuses on cleaning your teeth every day with brushing and flossing is the foundation of gum disease prevention. Our team is eager to help you keep your gums in good health and prevent the dangers of gum disease.

If bacteria-rich substances such as plaque and food particles remain in your mouth, they can turn into a substance called tartar that lingers around the base of the teeth and can cause periodontal inflammation at the gum line called gingivitis.

Early signs that there is an issue with your periodontal health can involve chronic bad breath and bleeding gums that look inflamed from routine brushing or flossing. Recognizing these symptoms means it’s time for a checkup with Dr. Shelby Nelson to evaluate your oral health.

After performing an oral exam of your gums, we can discuss the most effective treatment methods to restore your gums to good health. Possible remedies include a deep dental cleaning to remove any hardened tartar from around the teeth and below the gum line. You may also need to practice a more effective flossing technique to clean the gums and around the rear molars.

If you have noticed symptoms such as bleeding gums and suspect you need treatment for gum disease in Fort Worth, Texas, we encourage you to call Custom Periodontics at 817-738-2334 for a consultation with our periodontist.